Athena Anti Aging Therapy

With special formula of natural extracts which includes mixed vitamin, mineral, enzyme and therapy cells contained placenta and collagen, all extracts will be prepared with Homeopathy method which is the therapy originated from Germany for more than 200 years. The principle of this method is “use similar things to cure similar things” or to use the element which cause symptoms into the treatment in order to get a better treatment without side effect. This idea is similar principle to vaccine injection.

This is to apply mixed vitamins and collagen to detoxify toxic and excretion which cause most of wrinkles. It is also to restore skin health, naturally clear skin and strengthen the skin from environmental damage which is to nurture the skin inside out with Athena Anti Aging therapy. It will be effective in order which each elements will help each other that would cause the better performance. Alternatively, Athena

Anti Aging therapy would proceed in 4 steps as following:

  1. Detoxification
  2. Metabolism
  3. Nutrients and Cell therapy
  4. Restruring

Due to wrinkles caused from any factors, but above all, wrinkles comes clear according to aging because skin cells are damaged and some of nutrient such as collagen, hyaluronic acid and fibroblast are damaged. Therefore, the restoration of skin will be depending on individual health and age. It is well performed in young ages due to skin cells are less damaged and need only short period to restore and restructure. While in old ages need more time because no such magical treatment in the world would make wrinkles go away and healthy overnight but with Athena Anti Aging therapy guarantees to help the clients have good, clear, and moist and tighten skin. The side effect from Athena Anti Aging therapy is to help clients with good and healthy skin which balances the health of man and woman.

Starts at 5,500 Baht

Anti aging therapy Plus+This is the combination of two programs which are Anti Aging therapy + Meso Brightening. It is the same treatment as Anti aging therapy to inject into several areas for better result which is recommended for those who have problems or to brighten skin even more.

Starts at 9,000 Baht

Amount of treatment This is recommended to get treatment in every week with 10 times course which would mostly well performed.