Dark Spot Removal

Normally, dark spots will be faded naturally and gradually but it takes quite a lot of time as months or year which depends individually cell renewal, age and darkness. Dark spots from post-acne or mosquito bites on chest, back, legs, arms or elsewhere on the body, we present you the laser which is the quickest way to cure this problem. It is suggest getting treatment at least 4-5 times continuously in every 2-3 weeks.

Unsmoothed Back

For those who face problem of acnes at the back, we also suggest the patient to get Detox Purifying Treatment which helps reducing acnes at the back and follows with Dead Sea mud mask to dry acnes better. We also suggest the patients with Athena Anti-Aging Therapy. It is the natural extracts which include various vitamins, minerals, enzymes and therapy cells as Homiopathy therapy and collagen to detoxify the toxic and damages. It helps repairing the skin, strengthen, brighten and acne reducing. This suggests getting treatment at least once a week.

The post-acnes scar can be removed with laser as called as Q-Switch Nd:YAG laser. It is the laser which cures the freckles, blemishes, dark spots, scars and tattoo removal with frequency long 532 and 1064 nanometres. It is to cure the abnormality of melanin pigments as the frequency will destroy melanin at dermis and epidermis which hits melanin and eliminates through wastes from the body without any side effects. It is suggested getting treatment 4-6 times for a clearer result and continuously 2-3 weeks. Somehow, it also depends on the darkness of the skin. For a few days
after the treatment, the spot might get darker and form scales which will come off within 1-2 weeks after. The spot will be brightened after that.

Starts at 3,500 Baht