Fat Dissolve

This is the injection which the medicine has fat and cellulite dissolvability into elsewhere there is fat accumulation in order to dissolve fat and stimulate accumulated fat to be exterminated. Moreover, it is to enhance the blood and lymph node circulation. There, the body burns out and exterminates accumulated fat easily and the injected medicine helps firming the skin also. The patient gets the obvious result without any surgery or recovery but instead, spending their routine as usual after the treatment. When the fat is dissolved, it doesn’t return unless the patient regains weight after. The only effect which may occur after the injection is a swollen face as the effect from medical feature. The most swollen period is right after the injection and will subside gradually.

**This is recommended to get RF (Radio Frequency) Program for firmer facial skin and better result**

How to treat yourself after getting Mesofat:

  • Drink water at least 1-2 litre due to the liquid fat which is dissolved by Meso Fat injection will be exterminated through urine mostly. Hence, drinking lots of water will help exterminate unexpected fat to come off the body even better.
  • After Meso Fat injection, it is recommended to get RF to firm the skin to reduce flabbiness.
  • The patient may find some bruising or a bit pain during and after the treatment 3-7 days
  • It is suggested to do light exercise for instance; jogging, yoga or aerobic at least 30-45 minutes for 2-3 times a week to firm the muscles and exterminate fat off the body better and faster to avoid new fat accumulation.