Fractional Co2 Laser

Fractional CO2 is the skin renewing laser by eliminating old skin with scanner system small laser. Releasing energy is in high accurate quality as required and can be used specifically in particular area. After laser, the redness can be occurred or feel the heat in the area which can be swollen in 1-3 days and later becomes scabs then will be peeled off within 5-7 days after the treatment. Do not scratch or remove which can cause the scar. After treatment, the skin will be smoothened, soft and brighter and pore reduces. It is recommended to get treatment once a month continuously at least 4-5 times, the pores will get better.

Starts at 3,000 Baht

CO2 Laser is Carbon Dioxide Laser for eliminating tumors of sweat tube, syringoma, sebaceous Gland Hyperplasia, Seborrhiec Keratosis, Nevus, Wart, Lentigene and Milia. This laser is high wave frequency so we can choose the particular area without hurting tissues around. It is blood bleeding or wound stitching which differs from surgery by knife that could cause bleeding and tissue damages. As usual, it will be cured in one time but in some cases with deep-rooted mold, it may need several times for treatment due to it can cause the scar if we cut the root in one
time. Therefore, we slightly cut the root to avoid the scar after treatment. However, for seborrhiec keratosis can be off at first time of treatment but it also depends on doctor’s consideration.

Starts at 1,000 Baht