Growth factor ex

Growth factor Ex
Growth Factor Ex is a developed placenta extract from the laboratory which has property to revive cells in our body. Growth Factor Ex may know as Placenta Growth Factor in medical name, known for reviving the cells in our body through angiogenesis and regulation of signaling and cellular communication. To put it simple, Growth Factor Ex repairs blood vessels and direct to balance of cells which promotes cells to work better. Growth Factor Ex also stimulates and improve stem cells in our body to work better. From these benefits, it is quite popular in Aesthetic practitioners to use in improving health and for anti-aging purpose.

The quality of placenta extract is important and crucial, Growth Factor Ex selects only quality Donor and process in laboratory that have high standard. Growth Factor Ex ensure its quality and beneficial for those who are looking for :
– Improve general body system
– Balancing the hormones system
– Creating brighter skin from improved blood circulation
– Help with sleeping problem for those who find it hard to sleep or poor quality sleep
– Improve body energy and fights with depression
Growth Factor Ex requires consultation with Doctor professional to adjust with individual life style. Use under recommendation by Doctor

35,000 baht