Meso Melasma

This is the injection to reduce extra melanin granules creation into under skin where blemish or freckles are. It affects melanin or blemish reduced faster and more obvious. This program requires anesthetic drugs before injection 30-45 minutes. After injection, it may affect swallowed, inflamed or red rash but it will be recovered within 1-3 days.

Important factors which cause blemishes

  • Sunlight, this it believe that this is the most important factor which stimulates blemish increases or intense. It requires to avoid sunlight especially during 10.00-15.00 PM. The sun block is required.
  • Hormones, the change of hormones level will stimulate malfunctioned melanin granules such as; during pregnancy, menopause and contraception pills undertaken.
  • Genetic, this could involve with blemish creation. Due to Asians are found to have blemishes more than Westerns. However, this may be caused by environment or sunlight also.
  • Medicine, this is found that in some medicine would affect dark rash like blemish on faces which is to believe that this kind could cause blemishes.

Cosmetics, perfume allergy or color in cosmetics may be able to cause dark rashes like blemish.


It is to recommend to get treatment continuously in every 1-2 weeks at least 10 times or more to get most effective. After injection it may get swollen, inflamed or rash but it will be recovered in few days. Sometimes, it may cause bruises in some cases which is recommended to get treatment along with laser to get most effectiveness.

Starts 3,500 Baht/time