Miracle Gold Master Treatment

Skin treatment innovation to restore and brighten the UV-damaged skin which gives the brightness from first time. Also, it stimulates collagen boosting naturally when continuous treatment is acquired.

Miracle Gold Master Treatment Ingredients

  • Melasma Serum is a concentrated serum which gives moist, exfoliate and gently remove dark spots
  • Hyaluronic Serum is a concentrated serum which restore the UV-damaged skin and also helps collagen boosting stimulation to enhance the skin cells
  • 99.99% pure gold is to nourish the skin and absorb to underneath skin. Good gold would contain many good minerals for skin. Gold is capable for anti-aging and reduce wrinkles as well as anti-oxidant and enhance blood circulation. Gold also can eliminate toxic, protect sun-damaged ski n and enhance flexibility of skin which would give youth and young qualitatively. It is to be absorbed and pushed into skin cells effectively by high frequency machine with high technology which Athena Clinic specifically chooses.

Steps for Miracle Gold Master treatment Athena Clinic

  • Starts with cleansing facial skin by Athena Clinic particular facial foam
  • Apply 2 types of serum on facial skin
  • Place 99.9% pure gold on the face where serums are already applied all over face
  • Push both serum and gold minerals into skin by Electroporation Mesotherapy (which is low-tension current technology)
  • Massage face especially on lymph node for better blood circulation

Benefits for Miracle Gold Master Treatment

  • Restore dry and damaged skin and moisten from first time
  • Brighten the skin naturally
  • Remove dark spots on face
  • Stimulate collagen boosting when getting treatment continuously

** This is recommended to do with Detox Purifying Treatment for deep cleansing before getting into skin nourishment steps at least once a week**

Starts at 3,800 Baht