Placenta Therapy

Placenta Therapy is part of Cell Therapy which replaces damaged cells with placenta extracts. With Placenta extracts is nourished with more than 128 essential substances for growth factor. Hence, when the body consumes placenta extracts, the body would be enhanced.

Placenta is the thin layer of tissue which is produced by Decidual during pregnancy. It is nourished with essential nutrition and vitamins for embryo to develop during pregnancy including with embryo immunity enhancing. Moreover, placenta helps carry out waste from embryo to mother.

Placenta Extracts consists of essential nutrition for instance Antibodies, Amino acids, Glycosaminogylcans, Nucleic acids, vitamins, minerals and other necessary nutrition. Placenta, therefore, is highly capable of stimulating new cells rebuilding, anti-aging which enhances and retains youth. It is safe, non-toxic and chemical-free along with reliable research result.

Operations of Placenta Extracts

  1. Bring back youthful to your skin and decelerate aging of skin
  2. Revive cells, tissues and organs
  3. Enhance the body immunity
  4. Smoothen the skin
  5. Prevent skin withering and whitening the skin
  6. Enhance blood circulation
  7. Empower the body
  8. Enhance sexual efficiency