Cellular Renewal Program

It is the skin nutrition supplement by pushing more than 53 types of natural extracts which are 12 vitamins, 23 potential amino acids, 6 co-enzymes, 5 derivatives, 6 minerals and 1 anti-oxidant into dermis with small needles directly. Vitamin will be absorbed into dermis and skin will be well treated from inside out. This helps skin look healthy, fresh, firming, moistening, wrinkles reducing and cells renewing.

Meso Brightening Injection is the injection or pricking the vitamin into epidermis all over the face or neck directly for the immediate result. There is no long term side effect but in short term is, needle marks as rash for few days after or bruises may occur which will be faded gradually. In some cases, the patient may feel hurt a little. The patient may wear make-up on the next day. The skin will be brightened for a week. It is suggested to get the treatment at least 5 times for a better result. Afterward, it could be for once a month continuously.


Starts at 12,000 Baht