Thread Facial Rejuvenation

Thread Lift is the lifting technology which using new innovation without operation. This uses Public Health guaranteed thread which is dissolvable and leaves neither reaction nor side effect to skin and particularly safe.

Misko (Lifting nose tip by Korean technique)

This technique is to use dissolvable thread to build new structure to nose which is to reshape nose in various ways especially to stretch up nose tip, smallen, long and more beautiful naturally. The threads which inserted in are net-structure like which is thicker and stronger than normal threads up to 24 times. It is able to reshape as you wish. At the same time, it is to stimulate itself to create more nose muscle.

Thread Facial Rejuvenation

Misju, new thread rejuvenating innovation by using imported Korean threads which are thicker and stronger than normal dissolvable threads up to 24 times. This is able to lift up the most while threads has special characteristic as weaving tree branches adhering skins affirmed. This is more effective than normal Korean threads.

Polydioxanone (PDO) The dissolvable thread is the same thread that uses to stitch out heart endothelium which guarantee no effect to skin and highly safe. Thread rejuvenation will stimulate the shrinking of collagen under skin and creating new ones to firm and lift up skins for youth look.