Ultherapy Program

This is one and only innovation of facial lifting at upper without surgery (SMAS Tissue Lifting) and wrinkles reducing. During the treatment, the doctor is able to observe the skin layers through monitor so the doctor could treat and adjust the suitable sound frequency for each patient. This helps the treatment accurate even more with better result than other technology.

What is Ultherapy?

Ultherapy is the treatment technology by ulthera machine which uses particular accurate high sound frequency (Focused Ultrasound) sending small energy through epidermis (Selective Delivery of Acoustic Energy)

The Latest Innovation “Ulthera”

  • To lift up and firm the skin
  • To lift up the blepharoptosis
  • To lift up under eyes
  • To reshape and slim the face
  • To reduce wrinkles
  • Causes no post-scar and no recovery
  • Duration: approximately 1 hour
  • Wearing make-up is allowed

How ultherapy helps firming the skin?

The technology of releasing sound frequency which specifies into the skin which is altered as small heat spots targeting at upper muscular level in its unique way.

Sending the heat through skin helps shrinking which is similar to stitching at SMAS level with 1-1.5 mm. gap length orderly and create the steadiness of energy with accuracy.

Ultherapy helps creating new tissues in SMAS level, when SMAS level gets better, the skin will be firmer, lifted and smoothed naturally from inside out.

How is the feeling during and after the treatment?

During the treatment, when the ultrasound frequency is released to tissue under skin, you may feel as real stitching and the warmth under skin which can feel individually different. After the treatment,

in some cases,

red rashes may occur but will disappear within 1 hour approximately and you may spend your routine normally without any scar appearance.

Is ultherapy safe?

The ultrasound technology has been used in medical treatment for more than 50 years and ultherapy has been used by dermatologists and to be found that the machine is safe and guaranteed the effectiveness and consequences.

Does the consequence meet the expectation?

Only once, you will gradually see the result in 3 months onwards due to the tissues and new collagens will completely renew in 3 months. The result is possible to maintain around 1 year. From the experiment, 9 of 10 patients get a clearer result as the eyebrow lines are lifted which enlarges the eyes. This gives youth, firmness, lifted, smoothened and pore reduced to both facial and neck skin without surgery.

Starts at 30,000 Baht